Favours are one element of a wedding that couples are always on the fence about, they’re a sweet little gesture to give thanks to your guests but when added up they can end up as an expensive extra. We’ve come up with some cost friendly ideas, whatever style or theme you’re going for, you’re bound to find a favour to suit your wedding.

Lucky Lottery Tickets or Scratch Cards

Who doesn’t love the thrill of a scratch card, package the lotto tickets up nicely in a envelope that incorporates your theme, you can also add the guests name and this can add up as a place card. You could even give guests a lucky penny to use when scratching.

Personalised Playing Cards

There’s nothing like a good game of cards, a deck of cards is extremely underrated, especially when you think of what can be achieved. Not only are there hundreds of games that can be played, there’s lots of places where you can play them. With so much that can be achieved, personalised playing cards are undoubtedly make the perfect wedding favour for your guests to enjoy.

Food favours

What’s better than a wedding favour that involves food, in this day and age, wedding favours have become less traditional more quirky, this includes popcorn, lollipops, chocolates, sweets, cakes, spices and mini condiments, all great ideas for wedding favours. What’s more is most food related favours will be snapped up and eaten before the end of the evening.

Charity donation

When it comes to favours, donating money to a charity to your heart is a great idea, you could also leave a card which explains the significance of the charity that you’ve donated to. Some charity donations provide badges with donations, so this is something that you can include to show you’ve made a donation.

A little tipple

Looking give the adults something to enjoy on the night, miniature bottles of spirits are a great option. There’ll always be a drink to suit the mood or theme of your wedding and they’re always sure to be well received. The choice of miniature could compliment the season of your wedding, so for a mid summer celebration, you could choose gin, whereas a winter wedding may be suited to a cream liqueur.

Scented candles

Everyone loves a candle, nowadays there’s lots of weird and wonderful scents available too. So you can find something different and unique for your wedding favour. You could even create your own unique wedding scent, something for your guests to enjoy and remember your wedding by.

Bottle openers

Cute and personalised bottle openers will be a fun wedding favour and something that your guests will find useful and they can use them again and again.

Flower seeds

Your guests will adore these packets of seeds, you can choose from a range of blooms, whether it’s your wedding flowers or something significant to you. You can add charming designs t the packaging and ensure that your loved ones will be reminded of your wedding when their flowers start to grow.