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Wedding Trends for 2024

As another fantastic year of weddings draws to a close, we have taken time to reflect on all the trends we are starting to see more of and predict what we think is here to stay for next year!
  1. Audio Guestbooks


Audio guestbook phones have become more and more popular this year. Vintage style telephones with a pre-recorded answer phone message inviting your guests to leave their very own voice note for you to listen back to. It’s a fun and memorable way to recount your special day, through the voices of your nearest and dearest.

Companies such as The Telephone Guestbook send everything you need to your doorstep, and post event edit the footage before sending the final copy!

  1. Celebrant Led Ceremonies

We have noted more and more couples turning to celebrant-led weddings this year. Religious or civil ceremonies can sometimes feel very limiting- with civil ceremonies having specific rules, regulations and red tape which can restrict creative freedom. With a celebrant, you can craft a ceremony that feels authentic and meaningful to you as a couple.  Freedom from these restrictions can allow a much more personal feel. We are really enjoying these intimate ceremonies and are excited to experience many more over the coming months!

  1. Bespoke Cocktail Menus & Alternative Toasts


Emma Pilkington photography – Kayleigh & Tom

We love working with our couples to personalise their day down to the very last detail, especially when it comes to the bar. We have seen a fast-growing trend for couples’ signature Mr & Mrs cocktails served after dinner. This is the perfect way to kick-start the evening sharing your favourite tipple with your guests. We have also seen a growing trend of couples opting for unconventional toasts. Why not raise a toast of limoncello for your speech rather than champagne! Its your day and we love making it personal.

  1. Sustainable Wedding Stationery


Another trend that has been gaining momentum over the past few years is the use of sustainable and eco-friendly stationary. Many couples are opting for recycled paper, vegetable-based inks, and biodegradable packaging to reduce the environmental impact of their day. This trend reflects the younger generations commitment to sustainability and concern for the consequences the wedding industry has on the environment. Wedding websites are now offering services to send e-invites out to all your guests, completely cutting out tangible stationary. As a sustainably conscious venue, its lovely to see our couples also committed to preserving our natural world for future generations to enjoy as we do.

  1. Two Looks In One


Sarah Brooks Photography – Frankie & Josh

Seeing our gorgeous brides and the dresses they have chosen for their big day is one of our favourite parts of being wedding coordinators. One up-coming trend we have noticed over the last few months is detachable accessories giving you two looks in one for the day. September bride Frankie had bows attached to her shoulder straps in the evening and accessorised with a chic hairband which really took her look to the next level. Separate bows and capes, and dresses with removable layers really elevate your look and are so easy to change over without consuming too much of your precious time on your big day.

  1. Minimoons!

We really like to hear about your plans for after you’ve tied the knot. Many of our couples this year have began planning a mini trip away straight after the wedding to spend some quality time together and reminisce on their day. Lodges in the lake district, a small cottage in the Cotswolds, or a yurt up in North Yorkshire- the perfect way to celebrate quietly by yourselves. Once the time is right, you can head off on that beach getaway you always dreamt of!



How to Start Wedding Planning

Congratulations, you’re engaged!

What happens now?


Congratulations, you’re just got engaged to the love of your life, you’re on cloud nine and full of excitement for your future together!

But before you can even come back down to earth, family and friends are asking ‘when’s the wedding?’, ‘have you set a date yet?’ and ‘when’s the big day?’.

You may be ok with this and be excited to take the next steps of planning your big day straight away. But don’t worry if you’re not quite there yet. Maybe you want to take time to enjoy your engagement and why not!? For most, it’s a once in a lifetime experience so lap it up and enjoy being in that little engagement bubble!

On the other hand, you may be nervous about planning such a big event and you have no idea where to start. Well, don’t worry, we have all the tips and expertise in this blog to help get you start with your wedding planning.

Wedding planning doesn’t have to be stressful. Again, for most, it’s something you’ll only do once in your life so try to enjoy the whole process.

Set a Budget

As much as we will all want to start planning the fun and exciting parts of your special day, unfortunately, the first thing on your wedding planning ‘to do’ list is discuss your budget. In a dream world, we’d do whatever we wanted for our big days no matter the cost but in reality, we know this isn’t the case. The majority of couples need to create a realistic and affordable wedding budget. Couples should consider what they can afford and if they need to save some money, how long will it take them. Are parents or family members offering to make contributions? If so, these conversations need to be happening right at the start of your wedding planning. It’s probably the most boring part, but, it is essential as it will help with all future decisions.


The next step is to discuss where you want to get married. Do you want to get married near to where you live? Or perhaps nearer to parents or family. Maybe you’d prefer a destination wedding. It is good to take into consideration your closest family and friends and whether they would be willing to travel or even able to. However, you need to keep in mind that it is your wedding, and you may not be able to please all guests, no matter the location.

Rough Guest List

Before viewing any venues or Ceremony locations, it is important to come up with a rough idea of how many people you will be inviting. It doesn’t have to be an exact amount, but this number will then help you when searching for venues and working out final budgets. Think about who you really want there. Don’t feel like you must invite people just for the sake of it. Remember, it’s your day!

The Time of Year

Spring, Summer, Autumn, or Winter wedding? Every season makes a perfect wedding day but it’s time to think about your preferences. Do you imagine a beautiful Summer’s day with warm evenings and outdoor Ceremonies or perhaps a crisp Winter wedding with stunning sunsets and maybe even some snow! The time of year can also affect your budget as Autumn/Winter months are often lower priced than Spring & Summer. Also, the day of the week will also affect the cost. As Fridays & Saturdays are the most popular days for weddings, these days are the most expensive but remember, most venues host weddings 7 days a week and weekday prices are often lot less than weekends.


Create a Pinterest Board

Now we can start with the fun parts! Couples find that using Pinterest is a great way to create wedding mood boards and gather ideas and inspiration for their dream day. There are an infinite number of images that offer décor ideas, colour schemes, flower arrangements, wedding dresses, photo ideas and lots more. Bringing together your ideas will help when you start talking to suppliers such as florists and venue dressers about what your vision is for the day.

Start your Pinterest boards here –



Civil Ceremony, Church, or a Celebrant?

The main part of your wedding day is the legal Ceremony, and this can be performed at a licenced premises by a Registrar or at a Church. Becoming more popular are wedding Celebrants.

Venue Hunting

It’s now time to start searching for your dream venue. Websites and apps such as Hitched & Bridebook are a perfect place to start. They enable you to search venues by size, style, county, or search area. Once you have shortlisted a few venues online, you can make an appointment to go and view them in person. Venue viewings are the perfect opportunity to look around the venue, find out what the venues offer and get to know their wedding team.

Bridebook –

Hitched –

Wedding Insurance

Once you have booked your venue and started to look at other suppliers, it is always encouraged that you obtain wedding insurance. Some suppliers will not even take a booking without you having insurance! Insurance covers you for those unexpected and sometimes unavoidable times during wedding planning. It can cover things such as your booked suppliers not turning up, the cost of cancellation or rearrangement, any damage to a hired suit or dress or even, the worst-case scenario, where a member of the close wedding party falls ill. Many insurance companies offer different levels of cover for a reasonable charge so it’s definitely worth getting, just for that extra peace of mind.

Send Save the Dates

You’ve picked a date and booked your venue! It’s now time to send out your ‘save the dates’. Different to official invitations, save the dates are a way of letting your guests know when and where your wedding will be, giving them plenty of notice for them to book time off work, not arrange a holiday or sort out childcare. Save the dates can be a simple email or text, a proper postal invite or via a wedding website such as Wedding websites are becoming more popular with couples as they enable you to keep track of guests invites and RSVP’s and can also include all the relevant guest information.

Wedding Website –



Book Your Suppliers

You can now carry on looking for your other suppliers such as photographers, venue stylists, cake makers and entertainment. There are hundreds of wedding suppliers out there, all offering different services, so it is important to do your research and find the ones that best suit you and your personal style. If you have a particular supplier in mind, it is recommended that you book them as soon as you know your wedding date to avoid disappointment.

Wedding planning doesn’t have to be hard or stressful. It’s something that most of us will only do once in our lives so try to enjoy the process as it will be over before you know it. If you are struggling, don’t be afraid to enlist the help of friends and family. And remember, your venue and wedding suppliers are also there to help along the way and will be more than happy to offer advice and answer any questions you may have.

  • Civil Ceremony Venue Cheshire

Venue Open Weekend 2022

Join us for our first open weekend of the year!

We will be joined by our approved caterers and recommended suppliers and the wedding team will be on hand to discuss any enquiries you may have.

Saturday 8th & Sunday 9th January 2022 from 12pm – 4pm

For any further information please feel free to contact us on 01565 723337 or email at

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Planning your Perfect Day

At The Oak Tree of Peover, we understand that every wedding is unique, as is every couple who are getting married, each bride and groom will have their own ideas for what makes a wedding and how it will be special to them. It can be exciting when it comes to organising everything, from big decisions to the finer details.

Wedding planning can be stressful and decisions which once may have sounded exciting, can become a problem and something that you may start to panic about. But don’t worry, The Oak Tree of Peover has you covered, take a look at our helpful guide which covers four important areas to consider when planning your wedding.



Timing will play a big part throughout your wedding planning process and is everything when it comes to your big day, as well as the big day itself. From selecting and booking your dream venue to the timings throughout the day, timing is a very important part of your wedding.

Having involved friends and family is also good as when you have a good network around you, this can make things easier as they’ll help with the planning and organising. If you know people who have been married before themselves, this is great as they’ll have experience and be able to share tips with you.



Appearance tends to be one of the most important things for the bride, this will cover a range of things from deciding how to wear your hair to makeup as well as the dress. Vanity plays a big role in wedding preparations which can also add extra pressure.

It’s a good idea to make sure that you prepare well in advance, especially if the way you look is important to you, this will give you all the time you need to prepare yourself so you can make sure that you feel good on your big day.



It’s important that you take some time out with your other half and create a list of your guests to help you decide who to invite, then get the invitations sent out. Once you’ve sent your invitations you may have had a few responses or you may have not, but it’s important to not take these responses as gospel.

People can be quite unorganised and forgetful, so they may have forgotten to save the date, however, but just because someone hasn’t responded to your invitation, this doesn’t mean that they aren’t coming, they may have just forgot or may have received the invite.



Another big part of the day is how you arrive at your wedding and your wedding transport will be involved in the success of your special day. You will need to consider different types of transport to suiting the theme and budget of your wedding. The earlier you book your wedding transport, the more organised you will be, making it a much smoother, hassle free planning process than what happens when you leave things to the last minute.

February 8th, 2019|

4 Key Things to Remember when Planning your Wedding Day

Every wedding day is unique, as is every couple who are looking to get married. Every bride and groom will have their own ideas for what makes a wedding and it can be exciting when it comes to arranging everything from big decisions to the finer details.

When it comes to the actual wedding planning, things can start to get stressful, decisions which once sounded exciting may now start to become part of your daily panicking about whether you’ve forgotten something. There’s no need to worry though, help is at hand, take a look at the four important areas to consider when it comes to planning your wedding.


The timing

Timing plays a very important role throughout the wedding planning process, as well as the day of celebration itself. From booking the wedding venue in the early days through to the time you need to arrive on your wedding day, timing should be one of the first things that you think about.

When you have a great network of friends and family around you, this can make things a lot easier, mums can be very helpful, as well as close friends who may have been married before. The people that know you better than anyone can help you to make all of the important decisions at the best times.

You could get yourself a wedding calendar that will help you to keep track of key dates and times, you can also make a note of when tasks need completing or when things need to be booked in. From wedding cars, invites, caterers and beauticians, these are just a few things that you will need to keep track of.

Weddings in Cheshire | The Oak Tree of Peover

Your appearance

For the bride, your appearance will be one of the most important things that you think about when getting married, from deciding how to wear your hair and makeup, to weight loss and your wedding dress itself. Vanity tends to play a big role in wedding preparations, this can add extra pressure from the usual pressures of getting married.

It’s a clever idea to prepare well in advance, especially if the way you look is really important, it’s a challenging thing to do, but joining the gym early is a wise idea. The will give you plenty of time to get in shape, regain some fitness and ultimately, feel good about you. Trust us you’ll feel much better losing weight the right way, rather than trying an unhealthy fad diet in the lead up to your wedding day.


Don’t forget your guests

So now you’ve spent time make your list of guests with your other half, you’ve decided who to invite and who not to invite and your invitations have been sent, you may have had a few responses of you may not have, it’s important not to take these as gospel. People are unorganised and forgetful, so some may have forgotten to save the date. However, just because someone hasn’t responded to your invitation, this doesn’t mean that they aren’t coming, they may have simply forgotten or may have not got the invite.


The transport

Wedding transport is an important part of success when it comes to planning your wedding day, it’s vital to consider types of transport to suit the theme and budget of your wedding. The earlier you book your wedding transport, the more organised you can be, this will make for a much smoother, hassle free planning process than if you left things to the last minute.

September 19th, 2018|

Why Wedding Transport is Important

Why Wedding Transport is Important

Wedding cars – what style should you book, how many do you really need and who rides with whom? There’s more to consider when booking your wedding transport than just the cost and how to save money.

Unique Wedding Experience

When you’re planning a wedding, there are a lot of decisions to make for the big day. What should my bridesmaid’s dress colour be? Where should I have my wedding? Where should I hold my reception? But do you know how you will get to and from all these places on your special day? While picking transportation may not be at the top of your priority list, it is important to know what costs particularly wedding transportation will entail with the size of your guest list especially when creating an initial budget for the day!

Choose the Best Wedding Transport for You and Your Guests

If your wedding party is on the smaller side, you have an incredible opportunity to really separate your wedding from others. You can create a unique wedding experience by finding a unique wedding experience by finding a unique vehicle to transport you throughout your night. You might want a flashy ride for your wedding day, but if you’re looking to add a touch of class to your wedding day, a classic livery vehicle is the perfect match. Many companies offer luxury rides in classic cars. These cars will grab everyone’s attention when you’re driving down the road, headed to your reception or even taking post-wedding photos in front of them.

Make a Statement with your Transport

The glamorous among you could opt to arrive by horse-drawn carriage, while self-confessed cinema geeks can hire DeLorean’s, Batmobiles and even the jeep from Jurassic Park for a ride! Let’s face it, half the fun of wedding transport is being able to make a red-carpet-worthy entrance in a vehicle you’d never ordinarily have the chance to experience.

Why Every Bride Should Care About Their Wedding Car

Wedding transport has traditionally been the domain of the groom, and while we are all for giving grooms free reign, there are a few things brides need to know about the importance of their transport and it isn’t all under the hood…

Quality Control

Professional wedding cars are maintained to ensure that the cars will run reliably on your big day, after all, the last thing you need is a breakdown! The great thing about wedding hire car companies is that they not only ensure that the engine and exterior is well maintained and immaculate, but that the interior is perfect as well. A clean interior is especially important for your wedding day as a mark on the car seat may transfer onto you dress!

An Expert Driver

While you may know someone with a picture-perfect car, you also need to consider who will be driving it. Car hire companies provide a chauffeur to drive who know how to negotiate traffic, so you don’t have to. You should also always ask about how your driver will be dressed as they are more than likely going to be in some of you wedding photos.

High Quality Service

Good hire firms generally provide added incentives such as champagne and finger food for you and your bridal party at the photo shoot. The time spent in the car will likely be some of the few quiet moments you will have with your groom and bridal party and your driver will know to give you the privacy to be able to relax, reflect and unwind.

A Taste of Luxury

You’ll be going to every effort to ensure your wedding day is perfect and your ride definitely shouldn’t be forgotten! It’s the perfect chance for you and your groom to bask in the extravagance of a luxury car.

September 12th, 2018|

Christmas Party Package

Come and celebrate your Christmas party at The Oak Tree this winter, our stunning oak framed venue is situated in the beautiful Cheshire countryside making it the perfect place to host your party or festive lunch, exclusively for you and your guests. You can enjoy a glass of glittering Prosecco by our roaring open fire in the bar before being seated for a delicious 3 course meal in our Acorn room covered in twinkling fairy lights, creating that perfect festive atmosphere. After dinner head to the dance floor to party the night away or head out onto our terrace for some sparkler fun and get cosy by one of our heated fire tables. It’s your night, let us help to make it one to remember!

Exclusive venue hire

Selection of canapes

Festive 3 course meal with tea / coffee and mince pies

Mini sparklers out on the terrace to finish your evening celebrations

Festive novelties

Your own DJ

£60.00 per person

All prices are inclusive of VAT

Based on a minimum of 50 guests

Please call us on 01565 723337

Dates available: Tuesday – Sunday (6pm – Midnight) NOT available Saturday 15th, Friday 21st, Monday 24th and Tuesday 25th December 2018


Why not add on a few additions to your party to make it extra special;

Magician – 2 hours £665 inc VAT

Sax for during your meal – 2 x 45 min sessions for Saxophonist – £432 inc VAT


We have a range of local accommodation all within a 15-minute drive from the venue Travelodge in Northwich – (7-minute drive) – 0871 9846484

The Swan Premier Inn in Knutsford – (15-minute drive) – 0870 990 6428

Premier Inn, Mere – (15-minute drive) – 0871 527 8574

Ibis Budget Hotel, Tabley – (10-minute drive) – 01565 650636

The Golden Pheasant, Plumley – (2-minute drive) – 01565 722261

Taxi details (please see below local taxi numbers)

Knutsford taxis – 01565 745022

Amber Taxis – 01565 650707

Acorn Cars – 01565 621111

Deans Taxis – 01606 46666

A&P Taxis – 01565 653888


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