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Honeymoon Ideas 2019

Jetting off on your honeymoon for the night of your wedding is a romantic notion that has become fairly unrealistic in modern times, wedding receptions go on later, budgets are much tighter and scheduling seamless departures are nearly impossible. Whether you’ve got time for a full fortnight break or you’re going to take a minimoon, there’s plenty of options to make sure you enjoy the full experience.

Organising a wedding is long and stressful so it’s important to take some days off to decompress after such a big event, it can be costly for couples to spend money on lengthy trips, especially after spending serious money on your wedding day. That’s where minimoons come in, from being a few hours drive away or a short flight to somewhere relaxing, a couple of days away is enough time to reflect on the worldwide of your wedding. But not to take away from the more traditional honeymoon which is still a popular choice to tie in your wedding celebrations.

We take a look at some of the top honeymoon and mini-moon ideas of 2019…

City Breaks

After the stress of planning and wedding and deciding on a honeymoon or mini-moon destination picking the perfect location is a must. Naturally you would prefer a honeymoon to be somewhere relaxing on a white sandy beach, however, sometimes there’s nothing more exciting than escaping to a vibrant city and exploring the culture and surroundings then returning back to a luxury hotel. There’s plenty of places to visit in the UK and overseas, with plenty of things to see and do, from a coach trip to one of Britain’s best cities, Manchester – Liverpool and Newcastle. Or catch a flight for a long weekend in one of Europe’s must-visit destinations, Prague, Poland, France and Germany are all popular places to go.

Beach Holidays

With plenty of stunning beach vistas, turquoise waters and cloudless skies across the globe, you may find it difficult to pick a stunning beach destination. There’s a number of romantic beach locations which can provide even the fussiest couple or honeymooners with everything they could ever wish for. From the Maldives to Mexico, the Carribean to Hawaii and everywhere in between, there’s an array of amazing resorts that are just waiting for you to see.

Countryside Stays

There are lots of beautiful countryside destinations and national parks in the UK, from towering mountains, vast lakes, pretty stone cottages and stunning landscapes, the country is a truly romantic place for your honeymoon. Should your idea of fun is hiking up fells, taking in the sights from a steamboat across a nearby lake to cosying up in front of a roaring fire at a traditional pub, a countryside mini-moon is perfect.


When you’re thinking about planning your honeymoon, you’ll probably think of the traditional image of a luxury resort nestled on a white sandy beach on a tropical island, but why not try something different and spend a truly unforgettable adventure honeymoon experiencing the call of the wild. On a safari honeymoon, not only will you get to experience the thrilling game drives and guided bush walks, you’ll also have plenty of opportunity for romance, from cosying up in your secluded tent or lodge to savouring a balloon ride and a champagne breakfast at dawn. What could be better than waking up each morning in your luxurious safari accommodation to the sights and sounds of the African bush.

Adult Only

Why not experience the ultimate in intimacy and romance at the fantastic specialist adult-only resort. Adult-only resorts have been specifically designed with couples in mind to provide the most amazing honeymoon experiences. They come in all shapes and sizes with romantic restaurants and hot tubs as well as relaxing trips and days out. Adult-only resorts tend to come with tailor-made holiday services so you can create the honeymoon that suits you and your needs.

Log Cabins

Newlyweds can embark on a honeymoon that will allow them to relax and unwind in complete wilderness. A log cabin break is truly romantic and couples can enjoy stargazing from a hot tub that overlooks beautiful views. Choosing a log cabin stay for your honeymoon means that you can take a break and switch off from reality, with no telephone signal or wifi, you can spend time taking strolls through unique nearby trails and seeing wildlife in its natural habitat.

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