The Venue

The perfect wedding venue is more than likely to be at the top of any newly engaged couples to do list. With the venue being a vital role in the success of your day, it is the big decision you need to get right.

It is easy to view a venue and become overly excited and fall in love with the place without checking the venue can cater to your wedding requirements. The venue you pick will determine multiple factors on your special day such as how many guests you can invite, your décor, your wedding date and the impact it has on your wedding budget. So its is important to get it right Oak Tree of Peover is a unique contemporary venue is set in the heart of Cheshire surrounded by stunning countryside views. Oak beams and lots of natural light makes this venue fresh and bright whilst subtle lighting in the evening gives it a magical, romantic feel.

Here are our top tips to choose the perfect wedding venue!

Narrow your Search

Just like finding your wedding dress, it is true for some brides that when you find the one, you’ll just know it. You’ll be able to picture yourself there on the day and the style of the building, both exterior and interior will work with the theme of your wedding.

Is the Capacity Right?

It is important to consider if you want a large capacity wedding venue or you’d prefer a smaller, more intimate wedding venue is the first step to narrowing down your search. The size of your venue will impact on budget and your guests enjoyment. If your venue is too small it may feel over crowded for your guests, where as a bigger venue may make your guests feel lost.

Does it Fit the Theme of your Wedding?

Think about whether the venue works with and even enhances your wedding aesthetics. Your venue of choice can even influence your choice of wedding dress. Consider the formality of the venue, how the weather will affect it, and the facilities.

List Your Non-Negotiables

You are more than likely to have an idea of what your day will be like and the venue which needs to live up to this, this is why its important before viewing any venues with your partner you need to discuss any non-negotiables which can include:

  • Budget – Can the venue provide everything you need within your budget
  • Catering – What type of catering would you like at your wedding? Can your venue provide this?
  • Live Music – If you’re thinking about hiring a band or a string quartet during reception, does your venue allow music outside?

Finding your venue will be one of the big milestones in your wedding planning and will determine your date and location and impact a lot of your other wedding planning decisions.