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Why Wedding Transport is Important

Why Wedding Transport is Important

Wedding cars – what style should you book, how many do you really need and who rides with whom? There’s more to consider when booking your wedding transport than just the cost and how to save money.

Unique Wedding Experience

When you’re planning a wedding, there are a lot of decisions to make for the big day. What should my bridesmaid’s dress colour be? Where should I have my wedding? Where should I hold my reception? But do you know how you will get to and from all these places on your special day? While picking transportation may not be at the top of your priority list, it is important to know what costs particularly wedding transportation will entail with the size of your guest list especially when creating an initial budget for the day!

Choose the Best Wedding Transport for You and Your Guests

If your wedding party is on the smaller side, you have an incredible opportunity to really separate your wedding from others. You can create a unique wedding experience by finding a unique wedding experience by finding a unique vehicle to transport you throughout your night. You might want a flashy ride for your wedding day, but if you’re looking to add a touch of class to your wedding day, a classic livery vehicle is the perfect match. Many companies offer luxury rides in classic cars. These cars will grab everyone’s attention when you’re driving down the road, headed to your reception or even taking post-wedding photos in front of them.

Make a Statement with your Transport

The glamorous among you could opt to arrive by horse-drawn carriage, while self-confessed cinema geeks can hire DeLorean’s, Batmobiles and even the jeep from Jurassic Park for a ride! Let’s face it, half the fun of wedding transport is being able to make a red-carpet-worthy entrance in a vehicle you’d never ordinarily have the chance to experience.

Why Every Bride Should Care About Their Wedding Car

Wedding transport has traditionally been the domain of the groom, and while we are all for giving grooms free reign, there are a few things brides need to know about the importance of their transport and it isn’t all under the hood…

Quality Control

Professional wedding cars are maintained to ensure that the cars will run reliably on your big day, after all, the last thing you need is a breakdown! The great thing about wedding hire car companies is that they not only ensure that the engine and exterior is well maintained and immaculate, but that the interior is perfect as well. A clean interior is especially important for your wedding day as a mark on the car seat may transfer onto you dress!

An Expert Driver

While you may know someone with a picture-perfect car, you also need to consider who will be driving it. Car hire companies provide a chauffeur to drive who know how to negotiate traffic, so you don’t have to. You should also always ask about how your driver will be dressed as they are more than likely going to be in some of you wedding photos.

High Quality Service

Good hire firms generally provide added incentives such as champagne and finger food for you and your bridal party at the photo shoot. The time spent in the car will likely be some of the few quiet moments you will have with your groom and bridal party and your driver will know to give you the privacy to be able to relax, reflect and unwind.

A Taste of Luxury

You’ll be going to every effort to ensure your wedding day is perfect and your ride definitely shouldn’t be forgotten! It’s the perfect chance for you and your groom to bask in the extravagance of a luxury car.

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