When it comes to your wedding, every wedding day is different, this is all based on each couples’ tastes and requirements. Each wedding day is unique and contributes to how it is such a magical occasion when a couple ties the knot.

Every bride or groom will have their own ideas for what their wedding should be like and how they’d like the day to flow from start to finish. Your wedding day will be one of the most memorable days of your life, they’re packed with love, laughter and all of your family and friends. Planning a wedding will take a lot of time and patience, but that doesn’t mean that this part can’t be fun too.
Whilst there is lots of things to remember, no one told you that it would be this difficult, who knew that a wedding for just a handful of people would cost so much and why is it important to think about transport and accommodation for those relatives and friends that you haven’t seen for years.

Should you still be in the early stages of planning your wedding, try not to worry, you just need some organisational skills and a steady hand, try not to panic and most importantly, don’t forget any of the day’s most important parts. A wedding checklist can come in handy to make sure you don’t forget anything.

At Oak Tree of Peover, we’ve been home to many weddings, all uniquely beautiful in their own way, take a look at our list of suggestions to ensure that your wedding day is successful and you don’t miss a thing.

The timing…

First of all, and the most critical decision is the timing, it’s all about the timing. The timing will play a crucial role throughout the whole wedding planning process as well as the day of the celebration itself. From booking the venue in the early days, through to the precise time you need to make your grand entrance, timing should be at the forefront of every decision you make about your wedding.

Timing is one of the most important things to remember, as is your wedding cake, a wedding cake maker should be found as soon as you book your big day, to avoid disappointment. Lots of people arrange to have their wedding cakes made a year or two before the big day.

Should you have a big network of friends and family to help you, things can be much easier. Parents can either be very helpful or not so helpful, as can close friends who may have been married before so know the situation well. The people that know you better than anyone else can also help you to make the important decisions at the best times.

A wedding calendar is a useful idea that can be helpful when it comes to monitoring dates and times, make a note of when a certain task needs to be completed or when it needs to be booked. Wedding cars, invites, caterers and beauticians are just some of the things that you can keep track of by using a calendar system.

Your appearance…

With most brides and grooms, appearance is one of the things that’s most thought about when getting married. From deciding on how to wear your hair and make-up, weight loss, through to finding, buying and fitting of the dress or suit, vanity can play a huge role in wedding preparations. The mere thought of wedding day appearances can sometimes add extra pressure for different people.

A good idea is to start your preparations well in advance to avoid any issues, joining the gym is something that should be done months or even years before your wedding day, not just two weeks before the big day. This will give you plenty of time to get to a weight that you’re happy with. The distraction of going to the gym can help to keep you focused, whilst helping you get in shape, regain some fitness and feel good about yourself on your big day. You’ll feel much better losing weight the right way, rather than attempting some unhealthy fad diet in the weeks leading up to the day.

Your guests…

So now you’ve sat down and made a guest list with your other half, you’ve decided who to invite and who not to invite and now your invitations have been sent. You’ve had lots or responses or maybe you haven’t. People tend to be unorganised and forgetful, so they may not have saved the date like you had hoped. However, just because someone hasn’t responded to your invitation, this doesn’t mean that they aren’t coming. They simply may have forgotten or they may not have got the invite.

Take the time to contact your guests again in advance of your big day, 2 to 4 weeks is probably the right amount of time, however you may prefer longer than this. For guests who have already said that they are coming it can provide an effective way of reminding them about the times, transport, location, colour schemes or wedding roles.

Your wedding transport…

Wedding transport undoubtedly plays a key role in the success and planning of your wedding day. It’s a wise idea to import wedding transport types early in the planning process, booking well in advance means you can find the best deals and transport to suit the theme and budget of your wedding.

By taking these points into consideration a wedding day isn’t the easiest thing to plant, start early, don’t panic, keep organisation, remember your guests, transport and appearance and you’ll find that all the pieces of the puzzle start slotting together nicely.